International Scientific-Methodical Conference
Education of the Future:
New Professionals for the New Economy

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A survey of the 21st century’s banking sector and financial market and the education of the future

The roundtable discussion session will be held on 22 March 2018. It is organized by the Department of Financial Markets and Banks, the Department of Sociology, History and Philosophy, and the representatives of the Association of Russian Banks, the Bank of Russia and overseas universities.

Moderators and speakers:

  • O. I. Lavrushin, Head, Department of Financial Markets and Banks, Financial University
  • А. G. Tyurikov, Doctor of Sociology, Professor, Head, Department of Sociology, History and Philosophy, Financial University
  • Detlev Hummel, Doctor, Professor, Head, Department of Business Administration (specialization: Finance and Banking), University of Potsdam (Germany)
  • Claus Luttermann, Head, Department of International Business Law, Faculty of Economics, Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt (Germany)
  • Jarosław Górniak, Head, Department of Sociology of Economy, Education and Research Methods, Institute of Sociology; Dean, Faculty of Philosophy, Jagiellonian University (Poland)

Topics for discussion

1. Transformation of the economic climate and modern banking development trends.

2. Possible banking sector and financial market development scenarios, and the transformation of education.

3. The global banking technology development and banking risks regulation trend.

4. Banking business model in a social economy.

5. Crisis management model as the future banking model.

6. New competencies of and requirements for the personnel of a bank of the future.

7. Areas to be modernized in the training of a new generation of banking professionals.