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Education of the Future:
New Professionals for the New Economy

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Training of personnel for solving new problems in accounting, account analysis and audit in the digital economy

During the round table discussion session to be held at 14.00 on March 22, 2018, we will continue the discussion that has developed recently of the accountant’s profession development prospects and the development of a roadmap for the profession’s further development. This is a socially important profession to which a very large number of economists belong. In the epoch of digital economy, it undergoes a significant transformation. Which experts in accounting, account analysis and control are in demand in the modern labor market? What should the universities pay the most attention to when training graduates? What competencies should the graduates have and how should we ensure acquisition of those competencies? What role should experts in accounting play in developing software and digital solutions, in justifying, monitoring and examining the efficiency of their use? The above issues will be in spotlight at the session.

We are planning to discuss the following:

1. The impact of the digital economy on the requirements for training experts in accounting, account analysis and control.

2. How should we harmonize market requirements, professional and educational standards and research in accounting, account analysis and audit?

3. How should we ensure interaction between universities, employers and professional associations in new personnel training?

4. What should we change in the university graduates’ training in line with the professional standards’ requirements?

5. New digital technologies and our educational programs.

6. Are the competencies in accounting, account analysis and control the key competences needed to achieve success in the actual digital transformation of the Russian economy?

7. International best practices and international cooperation development prospects and training of modern accountants and auditors.

8. How should we improve our graduates’ competitiveness?