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World economy and finance and the global digitalization: the educational patterns viewed by the employers

According to McKinsey, the impact of the blockchain technology will be significant in the international financial market, in foreign trade and in the world economy as a whole in three years, and in five years’ time, we could see a large-scale introduction of the technology into the global financial system and the world economy. In general, if we speak about the practical use of the technology in the world financial market and the world economy, one could compare the emergence and rapid dissemination of the new digital technologies to the emergence of Internet technologies that led to the financial market globalization.

In the globalized world, the Russian financial market and the national economy cannot be independent from the imperative processes taking place in the world economy and world finance. The Bank of Russia established the Fintech consortium in 2016 that included leading banks and other national financial institutions in order to develop the distributed register technology in Russia. The Bank of Russia also opened a center for financial technologies. It began testing cloud technology for storing and transferring financial data, analyzing and processing large data streams in real time and digital foreign exchange market player identification.

Thus, in the presence of global digitalization, the innovative financial technology development and, as a consequence, new requirements set for professional world financial market and world economy players, there is a clear need to develop new approaches to training qualified personnel capable of working in new conditions. According to the employers, modern models for training experts in the world finance and the world economy should include the educational standard development that would include a new list of competencies. The list should include knowledge, skills and abilities to use innovative financial technologies at the international level.

Therefore, we think it is appropriate to discuss new approaches to training students majoring in World Economy and World Finance in the framework of the round table discussion session.