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Case study technologies and educational activity: the application theory and the practice of use in modern conditions. Meeting demands of the labor market

The students’ cognitive activity activating issue has always been one of the most topical issues in the process of teaching students. Therefore, we are in constant search for tools that could help make efficient use of the joint cognitive activity of the instructors and students.

Recently, the instructors have been observing the development of learning technologies with interest.

Case study technology today is of primary importance in education. The goal of case studies is to optimize the process and get the desired result. Case study technology in education is a tool that allows the students to apply the available theoretical knowledge to practical problem solving. This method makes it possible to develop the independence of thinking in students, the ability to listen, and then to take another point of view into account and build a rationale to back own point of view.

Round table discussion session’s business program titled ‘Employer's cases: a modern platform for trilateral interaction’ includes a dialogue-based discussion of important issues in interaction between educational institutions and employers in the modern conditions.

Participants will discuss the following strategic benchmarks in training graduates who would be in demand on the labor market:

  • The portrait of a graduate
  • Modern interactive formats in education
  • The methodology and practice of writing social and economic cases using Keykis
  •  Case technology application practice in education.

The purpose of the event is to discuss a wide range of issues in education and develop a concept for the case study use for training a modern graduate who would be in demand on the labor market, and to discuss mechanisms and modern ways to engage employers in the professional development of talented youth.

The discussion target audiences are the representatives of the real sector, legislative and executive bodies, management of educational institutions of Moscow and the Russian regions, instructors and scholars.

The discussion moderator is I. A. Firsova, Doctor of Economics, PhD (Didactics), Deputy Head, Extracurricular Activity Department, Professor, Department of Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance, Financial University