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Prospects and challenges posed to foreign language training in a non-linguistic university in a digital epoch

Today’s digital economy development has led to the practical digital transformation of all types of educational activities, including foreign language teaching in a non-linguistic university. It is necessary to begin to understand the paradigm shift in foreign language teaching in the digital epoch, and to understand what challenges and problems we are facing and what the prospects for using new technologies and methods of teaching a foreign language are.

We are glad to invite all our friends, colleagues and other interested parties to take part in the discussion organized by the Financial University Department of Language Training.

The following will be discussed:

  • Learning technologies used in teaching a foreign language in the digitalization epoch.
  • Innovative trends in teaching a foreign language at the present stage.
  • The 21st century competences formation and development as a prerequisite for achieving success in training and the university graduate’s career.
  • Modern expert’s financial literacy and knowledge of foreign languages as a prerequisite for achieving success.
  • Issues in ICT-based monitoring and assessment of language training quality.
  • Intercultural competences and communication skills in a foreign language as an essential element of modern graduates’ training.